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Friday, 22 December 2017

Think Better- Reduce stress and Anxiety

Do you ever start to think something that you cannot just stop thinking? Do you remember something you did in the  past and feel guilty about it every day?  Feel like you want to redo it?
My dear friend, sometimes you cannot redo things and you got to accept and respect what you have done. It is okay if you have messed up things in the past that doesn’t make you a bad person. We do wrong things, we say the wrong things, but if we do not forgive ourselves then who will?

God is of forgiving nature and hence we get chances after chances. You know how bad my post accident face looked? But I have got new skin again and all scars are gone too. I have got another chance from God. So I try to give myself one too.

Stress and anxiety are demons of your happy life. I have always believed that it is a state of mind which can be healed only by creativity. We have to control our mind and not let it control us.
You may have a bad day or say a bad month, but not a bad life. Every bad situation does not require your intellectual mind to over think. Bad times are temporary, try not giving them priority. It is okay if you have ruined your white shirt or missed your flight or your boss doesn’t like you. You still have to survive and expect the next day to be better. When you overcome such situation in life, you become your hero. You can then think of such times in future and motivate yourself that you can!
Your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time; it will always be your decision to choose joy or stress. There are many reasons to be happy. Don’t have one? Let me remind you. You have a life to live, food to eat, strength to work, family to love.  And for the rest of the things, leave it to God, he is well known for making miracles.

This universe is full of positive energy. Love yourself and others that will only add up the energy level. You are doing the best of what you can, so be kind to yourself. Do not over analyze the situation and make imaginary troubles.

There is beauty in everything and every situation of your life, Believe me!
 Invest your energy into things that will only make you better.



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