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Monday, 11 July 2016

Perennial River

Hey everyone, how are you all doing?
First thing first, I am extremely sorry for not being active for quite a long time. I was busy exploring new chapters of my life, I had some great time in the past few weeks. I have not just had fun, but also learnt many things and developed many new skills and now I am back with more energy and positivity.

Enjoy the post              

Some lessons of life aren’t taught anywhere and they are the ones which are often required.  I have learnt a lot of them in two decades of my life.
  • ·         When things keep bugging you now and then and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. When fear, doubt and hopelessness surround you, at that very moment  you don’t need to shut down, but to re-start.

  • ·         When you cannot find happiness in a luxury place or in a room full of faces, try finding the same in a lone place with book in hand, soft music playing and a cup of coffee on the table.

  • ·         Had a bad day? Still be grateful to God for keeping you alive, for making your loved ones still love you and keep praying to him to surprise you in the most unexpected road.

  • ·         Forgiveness requires a lot of strength, it’s hard! Why wouldn’t it be? How can one forgive someone who did bad for us? But once you do it, you’d know that it’s very peaceful. To let go thing that bother you will only make you strong.

  • ·         When you’re into someone, endeavor for it. Do everything to hold things together but when all your efforts go scrap, simply walk out of it with the satisfaction that you tried.

I was an over-thinker  but eventually I have realized that there is no point in stressing over someone’s facial expressions, or blue ticks, or ambiguous sarcasm. Overthinking will do nothing but only suffocate you. Instead of wasting days analyzing things, let them go. Let things fall as they want to, don’t let them cease your natural flow.

Our lives are perennial river, so don’t ask it to stay, but flow with it, let it take you to places and merge you with oceans.


PC: Aman Bhandari 

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